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* [[User:TobyInk|Toby Inkster]] (tentative)
* [[User:TobyInk|Toby Inkster]] (tentative)
* [[User:GlennJones|Glenn Jones (fn)]]
* [[User:GlennJones|Glenn Jones (fn)]]
* [[User:Adactio|Jeremy Keith]]
* [[User:ntoll|Nicholas Tollervey]] (tentative)
* [[User:ntoll|Nicholas Tollervey]] (tentative)
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* ...

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<entry-title>UK Meetup April 2011</entry-title>

One of several microformats Microformats events.


It has been a while since we had a microformats meet-up in the UK. The idea is for an event that is part social and part workshop to brainstorm the input micorformat ideas. As Tantek is in the UK between the 11-16 of April this would seem the best time to hold the event.

Please help us by adding your preferences to this page so we can organise the best time and place.

what venue

These are venues we have used in the past, I am not sure if they still have the right layout or atmosphere for a meeting. Please add other venues that you think maybe good for the event. They need to be central and near good transport links?

  • London
    • +1 If we hold the event in central London more people are likly to come along Glenn Jones
    • +1 Possibly more venue choice, also. Phae
  • Brighton
    • +1 Convenient for Glenn, Tantek, Toby, Andy and me. Plus: Brighton's fun! Jeremy
  • The Bricklayers Arms β€” 31 Gresse Street, London
  • The Yorkshire Grey β€” 2 Theobald's Road, London
  • Pitcher and Piano β€” 42 Kingsway, London
  • Brew Wharf Yard β€” 2 Stoney Street, London
  • The Princess β€” 76 Paul Street, London
  • The Yorkshire Grey β€” 29-33 Grays Inn Road, London
    • This is where we had the last vEvent (ages ago). They let us have the upstairs room for free. Phae

what date

Which is the best date for the event?

  • Monday 11 April
  • Tuesday 12 April
  • Wednesday 13 April
    • -1 UX London is on this day
  • Thursdays 14 April
    • -1 Pub Standards is on this night Glenn Jones
    • -1 UX London is on this day
  • Friday 15 April
    • -1 UX London is on this day
  • Saturday 16 April


Add yourself alphabetically sorted by family name if you plan on attending or attended.


  • ...


Topics discussed, comments, and Q&A.

  • …

articles and blog posts

Articles and blog posts following up on the meetup. Add a link to your post in the list below. Newest first.

  • ...

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