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* [[Tantek Çelik]]
* [[Tantek Çelik]]
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* Theresa O'Connor

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<entry-title>Microformats Meetup, San Francisco</entry-title>

One of several microformats Regular Meetups & Dinners Microformats events.


from to
21st Amendment, 563 2nd St., San Francisco, CA
Microformats Meetup, San Francisco

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Weekly Meetup

The microformats community has grown and stablized over the past few years, news of adoptions, new ideas and challenges come up frequently enough that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.

Come along, meet up with the microformats community in San Francisco

In another city? Check out Weekly Meetup: and help organize one in your own city!


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Topics and discussion:

  • what we learned at AEA SF
  • updating microformats wiki to CC0 (compat with current license)
    • general agreement that doing so makes sense (keeps the intent of "CC PD or later version")
  • adding OWFa FSA agreement for all wiki contributions, and voluntary template for past contributions.
    • general agreement that this is also a good thing, a few may have to ask their corporate parent lawyers to evaluate OWFa FSA, but in general no problems expected.
  • microformats2
  • Microformats in HTML5 <time> element
  • search engines
  • seo
  • Rich Snippets


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