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<entry-title>Innovators of the Web Conference</entry-title>

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2012-07-21 from 9:30 to 18:00
Adobe HQ, 601 Townsend St., San Francisco, CA 94103
Innovators of the Web Conference

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Innovators of the Web Conference

Innovators of the Web Conference - featuring a session on microformats2:

microformats are published on millions of sites, providing a standard simple API for the data on those pages with no additional URLs, file formats, callbacks etc. Similar approaches have been tried as well (e.g. RDFa, microdata).

Lessons learned over 8 years have been incorporated into new HTML5 elements and microformats 2.0 for better accessibility, more efficient markup, improved semantics and a direct mapping to JSON for API and other data consumers.


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