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Term Parents Children Origin Quick Definition
adr vcard country-name, extended-address, locality, postal-code, post-office-box, street-address,region, type, value hCard Address of the object.
bday vcard hCard The birth date of the object.
category vcard, hreview hCard Application category of the object.
class vcard hCard The access classification of the object. For example, public or private.
country-name adr, value hCard Name of the country for this particular address.
description hreview hReview Full text of the description. (Not to be confused with the much longer "summary")
dtend vevent hCalendar Ending date of the object.
dtreviewed hreview hReview Date the review was written, NOT necessarily when the review took place.
dtstart vevent hCalendar Starting date of the object. (Not to be confused with bday)
email vcard, hreview type, value hCard This object's email address.
extended-address adr, value hCard Extended address for this particular address.
fn vcard, hreview hCard The name of the object.
geo vcard latitude, longitude hCard Geographical coordinates of the object.
hreview *webpage hReview A review of some object.
item hreview hReview The item that the object exists for. For example, a review about Coca-Cola would list "Coca-Cola" as the item.
key vcard type, value hCard Public key of the object
label vcard hCard Formatting to be used by a delivery address label.
latitude geo hCard The latitude coordinates of the object.
locality adr, value hCard Locality for this particular address.
location vevent hCalendar Intended venue of object. (Not to be confused with adr)
logo vcard hCard Object's logo.
longitude geo hCard The longitude coordinates of the object.
mailer vcard hCard Email software used by the object.
n vcard additional-name, family-name, given-name, honorific-prefix, honorific-suffix, nickname hCard The name of the unit
note vcard hCard Supplemental information about the object.
org vcard organization-name, organization-unit hCard The organization or company of the object.
organization-name org hCard The name of the organization or company of the object.
organization-unit org hCard The unit or department of the object.
permalink hreview hReview A link to the object. This link should never become invalid. Used in <a>
photo vcard, hreview hCard A photo of the object. Used in <img>
post-office-box adr, value hCard Post office box number of this particular address.
postal-code adr, value hCard Postal code for this particular address.
profile *webpage XMDP Contains metadata types and definitions. Used in <dl>
rating hreview hReview Rating of 1-5 or 0-10 of the object.
region adr, value hCard Region of this particular address.
rev vcard hCard Specifies revision of the hCard.
reviewer hreview vcard hReview Person that wrote the review of the object.
role vcard hCard Information regarding the role of the object.
sort-string vcard hCard String used to sort this object in an alphabetical list.
sound *any hCard Audio reading back another element's content. By default, the "fn".
street-address adr, value hCard Street address of this particular address.
summary vevent , hreview hCalendar A short summary or subject for the object.
tel vcard type, value hCard Telephone number of the object
title vcard hCard Job title or functional position of the object.
type adr, email, tel hCard Defines a type of the parent element. For instance a type of telephone number such as home or work.. Used in conjunction with "value".
tz vcard hCard The timezone the object is in.
uid *any hCard Globally unique identifier associated with the object, or one of the object's properties.
url vcard, vevent , hreview hCard A link to the this object's home page or extended profile. Used in <a>
value adr, email, tel hCard Used in conjunction with "type". The actual value of a particular type. For instance a telephone number of type work such as +1.415.555.1212.
vcalendar *webpage vevent hCalendar A list of calendar events.
vcard *webpage, vevent hCard Indicates that this element and all containing elements are part of the hCard microformat.
vevent *webpage, vcalendar hCalendar Indicates that this element and all contained elements are part of the hCalendar format.
version hreview hReview Version of the format used for the object.
xoxo *webpage XOXO An outline of data. Used in <ul> and <ol>.