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* syllabus [[syllabus-examples]], [[syllabus-formats]], [[syllabus-brainstorming]] {{NewMarker}}
* syllabus [[syllabus-examples]], [[syllabus-formats]], [[syllabus-brainstorming]] {{NewMarker}}
* [[uid]] - see also [[representative-hcard]]
* [[uid]] - see also [[representative-hcard]]
* bank account [[bankaccount-brainstorming]], [[bankaccount-examples]]
=== solo pursuits ===
=== solo pursuits ===

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Exploratory Discussions


Per the microformats process: research and analysis of real-world examples, existing formats, and brainstorming to motivate the microformat. Please check rejected-formats before making additions.


The following exploratory discussions are being actively pursued (generally, edited in the last month, or with an active community member (named in parentheses) having expressed an interest in pursuing them)

media related

Media related efforts are very active in the microformats community and thus have been grouped here for convenience

other active

solo pursuits

The following active exploratory discussions are primarily pursued by a single individual and thus have not generated widespread interest in the community yet.


The following exploratory discussions are less actively pursued, but may still be developed.


The following exploratory discussions are believed moribund, or superseded; or are simply not being maintained due to the absence of the interested party or shortage of volunteer effort. Work may well resume in the future. Please feel free to move them to one of the above sections if you are interested in developing them, and append your name in parentheses, or move them to "Abandoned" or "Archived", if that is more appropriate.


The following exploratory discussions are confirmed as abandoned:


The following exploratory discussions resulted in a microformat, or have been superseded by later developments, but are kept here for historical interest:

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