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= Facebook SMS Syntax

Source retrieved March 24, 2007.



Send text messages to FBOOK (32665)

Get Profile InfoJohn Smith
Get Cellc</span> or <strong>cell John Smith
Add a frienda or add John Smith
Poke!p or poke John Smith
Firef</span> or <strong>fire John Smith
Messagem or msg John Smith whats up?
Wall postw or wall John Smith happy bday
Get statusstat or status John Smith or 'friends'
Update your statusi am</span> sleeping</td></tr>
Get next results</td><strong>n or next
Get helphelp
Facebook textson or off

Helpful Tips

Save time

For your friends, try entering just their first or partial name. (ie 'p john' or 'p john s')


You can specify a person by name or email address. (ie 'p jsmith@facebook.com')

Search faster

On most phones, just hold down the correct number key to select from a results list.

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