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(real world examples: added a couple links to sites that have both a blog feed and tweets feed on the same page.)
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Flat list of examples:
Flat list of examples:
* ...
* http://ma.tt (blog feed + tweets feed on the same page)
* http://blog.cuboxlabs.com (blog feed + tweets feed on the same page)
== analysis of publishing practices ==
== analysis of publishing practices ==

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Part of the feed microformat development effort per the process.

This page is for documenting examples of real world web pages with one or more feeds that would benefit from additional explicit structural markup.



Many HTML pages contain periodic/episodic content. It may be helpful to explicitly group similar/related/sequential episodes for the purposes of re-using this data in other contexts (restyling, search, indexing).

real world examples

Links to public web pages, either popular or insightful that provide real world examples of the type of publishing that can be improved with a feed microformat.

Flat list of examples:

analysis of publishing practices

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