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== external brainstorms ==
== external brainstorms ==
* original offline: <nowiki></nowiki>
** Internet Archive:

== see also ==
== see also ==

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<entry-title>gender brainstorming</entry-title>

Just some loosely collected thoughts on how to represent gender.

sex and gender identity

Gender as seen in the gender examples and gender formats typically has two components, sex, which is a biological indicator, and gender identity, which is social/cultural/personal.

A simple proposal is to use a small taxonomy for sex, and freeform field for gender, e.g.

  • sex: M(ale) F(emale) O(ther) N(one or Not applicable)
  • gender-identity: string

gender property

A shorthand or compound property "gender" could be created to represent both, while leaving the freedom of personal expression.

A compound "gender" property could be used like this (using the "Dude" alternative gender label from Pownce/Digg in the gender examples page).

<span class="gender">
 <span class="gender-identity>Dude</span>
 (<span class="sex">male</span>)

external brainstorms

see also