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<entry-title>gender examples</entry-title>

This page documents how people currently publish gender information on the web (sometimes implicitly - so not easily machine parsable - such as names (Andrew, Andrea), titles (Mr, Mrs, Miss), relationships (husband, brother), pronouns (he, she), etc.)), and what gender terms are supported by current web user interfaces. This research will hopefully be useful to the Genealogy microformat effort, as well as efforts to extend vCard, and therefore hCard.


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sites and services

Social network sites typically publish the gender of the individual.

Sites and services that allow users to enter and publish their gender. Please add to this list.

In alphabetical order:

  • Crusher's Edit My Account(requires login) page combines gender and person vs organization distinction in an interesting type picker among girl, boy, band, or other with a field.
    • Type: ( ) Girl ( ) Boy ( ) Band ( ) Other: [______]
  • Digg's About Me settings page(requires login) has a Gender popup that appears to be inspired by Pownce's list:
    • Guy, Girl, Dude, Lady, Fellow, Bird, Chap, grrrl, Gentleman, Damsel, Male, Female, Transgender, None of the Above
  • LiveJournal's Edit Profile(requires login) page provides a popup menu for gender with the values in order:
    • (Unspecified), Male, Female
  • Ma.gnolia's Edit Your Profile on Ma.gnolia(requires login) page provides a popup menu for gender with the values in order:
    • Female, Male, Other
  • OpenID's Attribute Exchange includes gender
  • Pownce's Profile Settings(requires login) interface has a Gender popup with the following values in order:
    • Guy, Girl, Dude, Chicky-poo, Bloke, Bird, Lady, Gentleman, Male, Female, Transgender, None of the Above

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