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How to get short hair perm The hair has always been known for the fresh and lovely hair, and the hair that is flowing with the hair, the hair is hot, the sweet degree is extraordinary! So, how to tie short hair perm? The following mom's encyclopedia is for ladies. Refreshing breeze

1. Comb your hair. 2. Tie your hair to a side pony tail. Add a hole from the top of the rubber band and interspersed the ponytail. 4, wear a headscarf at the end. Half a hair First, comb your hair neatly, then remove part of your hair from the top of your head, twist it from one direction to the other, gently push it up, make a tall, and then hold it in a small, invisible hairpin. 2. Then take the hair on both sides of the head and make two small braids that have the same twist, and hold it in the middle position with a small black clip. 3. Finally, gently pull the hair over the top of your head with a fluffy feeling, which will make you look more natural and fresh. Three, the hair of the liu hai hair 1. Tidy up the hair and take out the hair on the side of the fringe. Divide into two strands into a twisted braid. 2. Then place the hair end of the braids at the end of the ear with a black hairpin. 3. The hair on the top and the other side will be sprayed with qualitative spray to make the hair fluffy. This hair will be finished.