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== Prebuilt hCard ==
== Prebuilt hCard ==
* go to Neil Dunn's vCard:
* go to Neil Dunn's vCard: (ed: dead link)
* look for the [hCard] icon and click on it
* look for the [hCard] icon and click on it
* click on "Add to Address Book"
* click on "Add to Address Book"

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About GreaseMonkey

Greasemonkey is a powerful tool for customizing Firefox.

Turnabout is a tool for IE for the same purpose. Its APIs are largely compatible with Greasemonkey, allowing for cross-browser user scripts.

Opera can also run Greasmonkey scipts using the built-in support for user javascripts.

While there is no way to extend Safari directly, Safari Guide will allow you to run JavaScripts (though not GreaseMonkey scripts) against the front page in Safari.

This page collects ways to use them with microformats.

Getting Started

Get Greasemonkey

Developing with Greasemonkey



Prebuilt hCard

Dynamic hCard

hCard Mapping

xFolk demo


Posts and Articles


Some sample scripts:

tails (shows all, works with 1.5) (newer version of tails)
SmartZilla (exports data)
hCard (updated for FF 1.5/Greasemonkey 0.6.4)
hCalendar (updated for FF 1.5/Greasemonkey 0.6.4)
xFolk (updated for FF 1.5/Greasemonkey 0.6.4)
XFN (Magic Line)
adr | geo - GreaseRoute
adr | geo -GreaseRouteEmbed

See also

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