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This page is to collect examples of groups and how members of groups / group memberships are organized and marked up.

Real World Examples

Ma.gnolia Groups

<li class="first two column group">
<h3><a title="Visit DiSo Project on Ma.gnolia" href=""><img src="" class="profile" alt="12747_32"/></a> <a title="Visit DiSo Project on Ma.gnolia" href="">DiSo Project</a></h3>

<p class="description">
<a title="View DiSo Project's Bookmarks" href="">116 Bookmarks</a>, <a title="View DiSo Project's Members" href="">30 Members</a>

<p class="description">A social network with its skin inside out.</p>


Flickr Groups

The following example is a member of Flickr Groups. Note that the code below is _not_ from the main group but on a members page at

<p class="MembersList">
	<a href="/photos/luxuryluke/">
		<img src="" alt="view profile" width="48" height="48"><br />

YouTube Groups

The following example is for a member of a group. Again, the actual member list is on a different URI - .

<div class="v120vEntry">
	<div class="vstill">
		<a href="/user/spoiledmilk"><img src="" class="vimg"></a>
	<div class="vtitle">
		<a href="/profile?user=spoiledmilk">spoiledmilk</a>
	<div class="vfacets">
		<span class="grayText">Joined:</span> August 02, 2006<br>
		<span class="grayText">Videos:</span> <a href="/profile_videos?user=spoiledmilk">21</a> 
</div> <!-- end vEntry -->

LinkedIn Connections

A different take...these are "members" of someone's profile (i.e. their connections) on LinkedIn. This is from the "connections" link on a person's profile.

<td width="33%">
	<span name="connection">
		<a href="/profile?viewProfile=&key=725541&goback=%2Econ_1%2Evpf_44779_0_*1_*1_*2_Gerry_XXXXXX%2C+SPHR%2Ebcc_44779_1" >Eric XXXXXX</a>
	<span name="headline" class="headline">Sr. Corporate Recruiter - XXXXXX Pharmaceuticals</span>

Note since this is a closed network I "x'ed" out identifying info from the above. --Jim Dalton 11:49, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)


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