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This article is a stub. You can help the microformats.org wiki by expanding it. - consider picking the best and most useful examples from hcard-examples, upgrading them to mf2, and adding them here below.

h-card examples is for particularly interesting and illustrative examples of h-card markup.

Instructive Examples

Authors of Pages and Posts

Author's probably have at least their name listed on a page or post. You may also have a link. E.g.

<a href="http://tantek.com">Tantek Çelik</a>

By adding h-card to such existing HTML, you can explicitly indicate the author's name and web address:

<a href="http://tantek.com" class="h-card">Tantek Çelik</a>

This could be displayed as:

Tantek Çelik

Note that when this example is parsed, the u-url property will be automatically implied. For more information, see microformats-2-implied-properties.

See Also

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