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Feedback and discussion about the [[h-entry]] microformat specification.
Dump summaries of discussions in [[IRC]] here for future reference.
== Resolved Issues ==
* 2012-245 Resolved. See [http://krijnhoetmer.nl/irc-logs/microformats/20120830#l-120 2012-243 IRC discussion/consensus] for:
** Use '''<code>p-summary</code> instead of <code>p-entry-summary</code>'''. The historical semantic of "entry-summary" is not different from "summary" in any significant (or discernible way). Collapsing the two will simplify the overall microformats2 vocabularies further. In microformats2, entry-summary is no more.
** Use '''<code>e-content</code> instead of <code>e-entry-content</code>'''. Same point and advantage. In microformats2, entry-content is no more.
** '''drop <code>p-entry-title</code>'''. Unnecessary and subsumed by "p-name". Would consider move to backward compat only if cases are presented - known publishing uses are expected to be updated shortly.

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