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<entry-title>h-review</entry-title> Tantek Çelik (Editor)

h-review is a simple, open format for publishing reviews on the web. h-review is one of several open microformat draft standards suitable for embedding data in HTML/HTML5 on the web.

h-review is the microformats2 update to hReview 0.4 (in progress).


Here is a simple review example:

<div class="h-review">
  <h1 class="p-name">Microformats: Worth the hassle?</h1>
    <a class="p-item h-item" href="http://microformats.org">Microformats</a> are the simplest way to publish structured data on the web.
    <data class="p-rating" value="5">★★★★★</data>
    Published <time class="dt-reviewed" datetime="2013-06-12 12:00:00">12<sup>th</sup> June 2013</time>
    by <a class="p-reviewer h-card" href="http://example.com">Joe Bloggs</a>.
  <div class="e-description">
    <p>Yes, microformats are undoubtedly great. Unless of course you want to mark up volcanoes with fax machines, in which case schema.org is better suited to your needs.</p>

Get started

The class h-review is a root class name that indicates the presence of an h-review.

p-name, p-item, p-reviewer and the other property classnames listed below defined elements as properties of the h-review.

See microformats2 parsing specification to learn more about property class names.


h-review properties, inside an element with class h-review:

  • p-name - name of the review
  • p-item - thing been reviewed e.g. business or person (h-card), event (h-event), place (h-adr or h-geo), product (h-product), website, url, or other item (h-item).
  • p-reviewer - person who authored the review, optionally a nested h-card
  • dt-reviewed - date time of when the review was written
  • p-rating - value from 1-5 indicating a rating for the item (5 best).
  • p-best - define best rating value. can be numerically lower than worst.
  • p-worst - define worst rating value. can be numerically higher than best.
  • e-description - the full text written evaluation and opinion of the reviewer
  • p-category - freeform categories or tags applied to the item by the reviewer
  • u-url - review permalink URL


h-review is a microformats.org draft specification. Public discussion on h-review takes place on h-review-feedback, the #microformats #microformats chat channel on irc.freenode.net, and microformats-new mailing list.

h-review is ready to use and implemented in the wild, but for backwards compatibility you should also mark h-reviews up with classic hReview 0.4 (in progress) classnames.

Property Details

(stub, add any property explanations here)

Examples in the Wild

  • … add any h-review examples you find in the wild

Backward Compatiblity

Publisher Compatibility

For backward compatibility, you may wish to use classic hReview 0.4 (in progress) classnames in addition to the more future-proof h-review properties, for example:

<div class="h-review hreview">
  <h1 class="p-name fn">My great review</h1>

Parser Compatibility

Microformats parsers should detect classic properties and parse them as microformats 2 properties. If an "h-review" is found, don't look for an "hReview" on the same element.

Compatibility root class name: hreview

Properties: (parsed as p- plain text unless otherwise specified)

  • summary parse as p-name
  • fn - parse as p-name of the item being reviewed (p-item h-item p-name)
  • photo - parse as u-photo of the item being reviewed (p-item h-item u-photo)
  • url - parse as u-url of the item being reviewed (p-item h-item u-url)
  • reviewer - including compat root vcard in the absence of h-card
  • dtreviewed - parse as dt-
  • rating
  • best
  • worst
  • description - parse as e-
  • rel=tag - parse as p-category
  • rel="self bookmark" - parse as u-url. note that rel attribute value is treated as a space separated set, thus any presence of "self" and "bookmark" within such a set in a rel value is accepted.

Note: The hReview 0.4 (in progress) format has three properties which make use of rel attribute, these are tag, permalink (via the self and bookmark values) and license. Microformats 2 parsers SHOULD map these URLs into the page scoped rel collection.


h-review is based on the existing hReview 0.4 (in progress) specification, which was extracted from hCard 1.0 in order to allow it to be used for applications other than contact information.

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