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This article is a stub. You can help the microformats.org wiki by expanding it.

This page is a placeholder for the h-review-aggregate specification, an upgrade of hReview-aggregate to microformats2. Please refer to the #Todo section.

h-review-aggregate is a simple, open format for embedding review information (of products, services, businesses, etc). Whereas h-review is intended for an individual review, h-review-aggregate is meant for summary information about a collection of user or critic reviews about an item.

h-review-aggregate is one of several open microformat draft standards suitable for embedding data in HTML and is the microformats2 update to hReview-aggregate.

This is a Draft Specification.
IRC: #microformats on Libera
Per CC0, to the extent possible under law, the editors have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. In addition, as of 2024-05-27, the editors have made this specification available under the Open Web Foundation Agreement Version 1.0.


Here is a simple example showing aggregate review information for a restaurant:

<article class="h-review-aggregate">
 <h1 class="p-item">Mediterranean Wraps</h1>
 <p class="p-name">Customers flock to this small restaurant for their 
 tasty falafel and shawerma wraps and welcoming staff.</p>
 <span class="p-average">4.5</span> out of 5 
 based on <span class="p-count">17</span> reviews


Proposed Properties

Proposed properties from hReview-aggregate awaiting citations of publishing and consuming examples.

  • p-item - Required: the thing been reviewed, including embedded microformat for e.g. business or person (h-card), event (h-event), place (h-adr or h-geo), product (h-product), website, url, or other item (h-item).
  • p-average - Required: the fixed point integer [1.0-5.0] of the average rating (5.0 best)
  • p-best - Optionally define best rating value. can be numerically lower than worst.
  • p-worst - Optionally define worst rating value. can be numerically higher than best.
  • p-count - the total number of reviews
  • p-votes - the total number of users who have rated the product or service, contributing to the average rating. For some sites, the number of votes is equal to the number of reviews, so count may be used and this property omitted.
  • p-name - This optional property can be the title for the review collection or a very short summary of the consensus opinion from the collection.

Property Details

Examples in the wild

Add any h-review-aggregate examples you find in the wild:


Main article: validators

Test and validate microformats2 markup in general with:


Backward Compatibility

Parser Compatibility

This is a draft based on reviewing hReview-aggregate examples, pending parser implementations and feedback.

Microformats parsers SHOULD detect classic properties only if a classic root class name is found and parse them as microformats2 properties.

If an h-review-aggregate is found, don't look for an hreview-aggregate on the same element.

Compat root class name: hreview-aggregate
Properties: (parsed as p- plain text unless otherwise specified):

  • item - parse as p-item
  • average - parse as p-average
  • best - parse as p-best
  • worst - parse as p-worst
  • count - parse as p-count
  • votes - parse as p-votes
  • summary - parse as p-name


Based on hReview-aggregate examples, this is how many times each property appeared.

item: 10
rating: 10
average: 8
best: 8
count: 5
votes: 5
worst: 0
summary: 0


Tasks for this page.

In summary:

  • copy h-review
  • use root class name "h-review-aggregate" instead of "h-review"
  • add "p-count", "p-votes" properties as defined in hReview-aggregate
  • prune set of properties to those listed in hReview-aggregate
  • change backcompat parsing for root class name to "hreview-aggregate"
  • change backcompat parsing property class names to those listed in hReview-aggregate

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