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H2VX is a production deployment of the X2V hCard and hCalendar conversion transforms.

It converts hCard contacts and hCalendar events on web pages to .vcf and .ics respectively for use in desktop and other client software applications.


To convert hCards to vCards, go http://h2vx.com/vcf/ and enter the URL to the hCards.

To convert hCalendar to iCalendar, go http://h2vx.com/ics/ and enter the URL to the hCalendar events.


Links to H2VX.com to convert a URL (like http://microformats.org/wiki/events ) can be constructed as follows:

You may omit the leading "http://" from the URL to be converted for a briefer more readable URL:

download vCards from hCards
e.g. http://h2vx.com/vcf/microformats.org/wiki/events
download iCalendar from hCalendar
e.g. http://h2vx.com/ics/microformats.org/wiki/events
subscribe to hCalendar from hCalendar
e.g. webcal://h2vx.com/ics/microformats.org/wiki/events
http://h2vx.com/ics/sub/URL for systems which don't support auto-linking of webcal: URLs, e.g. MediaWiki, Twitter.
e.g. http://h2vx.com/ics/sub/microformats.org/wiki/events

user agent strings

H2VX uses two user agent strings, when retrieving hCards and hCalendars respectively:

You may see occurrences of these in your web server logs when users of H2VX convert hCards and hCalendar events on your pages.


H2VX is built and maintained by Tantek with:


Have feedback on H2VX? Feel free to add to the top of this list and use ~~~~ to sign your name and date your comment. If this grows too big we can move it to h2vx-feedback


Found a problem with H2VX? Please note it here at the top of this list (consider grouping it under an existing subhead or introduce a new subhead if necessary) and use ~~~~ to sign your name and date your comment. If this grows too big we can move it to h2vx-issues

.vcf not formed properly

When opening the resultant .vcf files with Outlook, all non-standard characters are not shown correctly, due to the fact that the returned file is not encoded as UTF-8 without the BOM. Thus, these files are useless for use with Outlook - one of the most used e-mail clients.

Can we get a UTF-8 file returned without the BOM?

Missing data/Wrong encoding

<div class="vcard">
<h2 class="fn org"><img class="photo" src="http://static.freewave.at/logos/testa_rossa_caffe_150.gif" alt="Testa Rossa Caffèbar Logo" />Testa Rossa Caffèbar</h2>
<div class="adr work"><span class="street-address">Mahlerstraße 4 </span><br />
 <span class="postal-code">1010</span> <span class="locality">Wien</span><br />
 <span class="country-name">Österreich</span></div>
<div><span class="tel work">+43 699 161 616 61</span><br />
 <a class="url work" href="http://www.testarossawien.at/">http://www.testarossawien.at/</a><br />
 <a class="email work" href="mailto:"></a></div>
<div class="geo"><span class="latitude">48.20275</span>,<span class="longitude">16.37079</span></div>

Thanks! --Vividvisions 17:25, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

I got the same type of problem with non ASCII content. Don't know which part is responsible, though. --Jean-Luc Geering 2010-05-10

HTML5 support

Please give feedback on the http://dev.h2vx.com/ HTML5 support here:

  • ...
  • ...


mouse events

page semantics

not possible to use dtstart with timezone in abbr title


Resolved issues are moved to this section. If this grows too big we can move it to h2vx-issues-resolved


Once a resolved issue has no further actions (and ideally is verified by the issue reporter), it can be closed and moved to this section. If this grows too big we can move it to h2vx-issues-closed

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