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Raw HTML captured from Rohit's hBib Discussion.html document written ~2005-05 at WWW2005. Could probably use some wiki-markup-cleanup to reflect original intent (e.g. turn a href links into bracket wiki links, cleanup list markup etc.) - Tantek 01:16, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

hBib: une charette

an interactive design session



  1. Stop having to re-key references!
  2. Adapt to new Journal styles solely by changing the CSS?

Why a Microformat?

  1. Presentation matters!
  2. A predecessor format exists:
    • BibTeX
    • Endnote
    • Dublin Core

the microformats way

  • solve a specific problem
  • make evolutionary improvements
  • be as simple as possible, perhaps solve a simpler problem first
  • adapt to current behaviors and usage patterns, e.g. (X)HTML, blogging
  • presentable and parsable
  • reuse existing microformats and well established schemas (e.g. IETF RFCs) as building blocks
  • design to be reused and embedded inside existing formats and microformats
  • enable and encourage decentralized development and services

Fundamental Problem

There are hundreds of journal-specific formats for presenting bibliographic data. If CSS cannot transform structured biblographic information into at least 80% of the presentation format, the Microformats way fails. Microformats is fundamentally tied to CSS; what CSS cannot express, Microformats cannot encode into XHTML.

We discussed some ways of getting around the "et al." problem of hiding additional authors. We even used ABBR to preserve full-names. But what about putting the article-name in front of the journal, and vice-versa?

If we have to invoke XSLT to handle cases where elements need to be re-ordered to present them, then the "is the jig up"?


Author -- should use hCard. OK
Mulitple authors? Multiple hCards.

et al.?
use hidden SPANs?
use CSS classes for k-authors: 1st-author, 2nd-author? generic "author" class?

.author + .author + .author + .author {display: none}
.author + .author + .author {content: " et al."}

using Dublin Core terminology
(which edition? Creator, sure, but Translator came later...)
how to "loft" dc:author inot microformats use in CSS class= attrs? -- create an XMDP for Dublin Core (creator, etc)

Existing Example

Let's start with a concrete example of a particular bibliography presentation

[1] Goland, Y. Y., Nottingham, M. and Orchard, D. WS-CallBack Protocol 0.91.
 BEA Systems, WS-CallBack Protocol 0.91, Feb 26 2003 2003. 
 <a href="http://dev2dev.bea.com/technologies/webservices/WS-CallBack-0_9.jsp" target="_blank">http://dev2dev.bea.com/<WBR>technologies/webservices/WS-<WBR>CallBack-0_9.jsp</a>

How would we mark that up?

<span class="vcard">
 <span class="fn n">
  <span class="family-name "<Goland</span>, 
  <abbr class="given-name" title="Yaron">Y.</abbr>