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hAtom FAQ

This page is for documenting Q&A about hAtom.

If you have a new question to ask, Please consider first asking your question on the microformats-discuss list.

Editing this Page

Please do not use "?" or other punctuation in the headers - it helps to keep the URLs to their fragment identifiers shorter and easier to read, copy/paste etc.


Is hAtom intended to replace RSS or Atom

No, hAtom is not intended to replace RSS or Atom. While most weblogs and other websites do provide their latest articles in a structured fashion (via RSS and/or Atom feeds), most of them do not provide their older articles in a structured way. This is one of the problems that hAtom can solve.

Is there a way to hide to the entry author information

My client does not want to display their name after every post, but would like this to be valid. Can I hide the author info in an abbr tag or something?

(something about hAtom 0.2 here?)