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<entry-title>hCard resolved issues</entry-title>

resolved issues

Issues that are resolved but may have outstanding To Do items.

As issues are resolved, they will be moved from the Issues list to this section.

As actions are taken according to the resolutions noted in the issues, they are moved to hatom-issues-closed.

resolved 2009

Note: As the resolutions are enacted and the issues are closed, it may be worth moving this year of issues to its own page.

Property names

  • 2009-07-01 raised by Simon Brodtmann
    1. Why do entry-title, entry-content and entry-summary have "entry-" in it? The other properties don't have it. Since it doesn't add anything usefull I suggest to rename them to title, content and summary.
      • SUGGESTION REJECTED, BUT ACCEPTED AS FAQ. Documented in hAtom FAQ. If there are no objections to the resolution for say 30 days, this issue will be considered closed. Specific FAQs:

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