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hCalendar Implementations


This page is an informative section of the hCalendar specification.

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse hCalendars. If you have an hCalendar implementation, feel free to add it to the New Implementations section. If you have a page or site which just publishes hCalendar events, please use hcalendar-examples-in-wild instead.

New Implementations

Add new implementations here:


Implementations you can use to author, create, and publish hCalendar events.

Web-based Creators

hCalendar Creator 
hCalendar creator (hCalendar creator feedback) - create your own hCalendar events.
Conference Schedule Creator 
Conference Schedule Creator (Conference Schedule Creator feedback) - create your conference schedule with hCalendar events.

Blogging and CMS tools

Midgard CMS 
Midgard CMS - net.nemein.calendar - as blogged by Henri Bergius
Drupal module 
Drupal Upcoming.org syndication module emits hCalendar
MovableType and WordPress plug-ins 
StructuredBlogging is a set of plugins for WordPress and for MovableType that supports embedding hCalendar and other microformats in templates and blog posts.
Textpattern plug-in 
pnh_mf is a plugin for Textpattern that supports embedding hCalendar and other microformats in templates and blog posts. Written by Chris Casciano.
Textpattern plug-in 
jmc_event_manager is a plugin for Textpattern that outputs events and locations in hCalendar (and hCard) formats. Written by Joel Courtney.

Browser scripts and plug-ins

Browser plugins that work with existing authoring tools:

Any browser with javascript and a little bit of CSS 
microformats.org hCalendar creator (see also original: Ryan King has an hCalendar creator).
Firefox Greasemonkey user script hCalendar creator 
magic_hcalendar Greasemonkey user script by Les Orchard - allows easy form entry of an event into any textarea, e.g. into a blog post text area.
Firefox Greasemonkey user script hCalendar to Google Calendar
Elias Torres has created a simple script that will parse hCalendar entries and create a link to add event to Google Calendar's service. Based on George's and Arve's work.

Desktop Authoring Tools

Dreamweaver Extension 
Extension suite for Dreamweaver 8 from the Web Standards Project.

In xfy Community, there are some hCalendar implementations.

Search and Discovery

Conversion and Import

Implementations you can use to importing into a calendar application, typically by converting hCalendar to iCalendar/vCalendar.

Web Services

These return iCalendar (.ics) and other calendar formats for easy importing into typical calendar programs or other processing.

Firefox Greasemonkey Plugins



Implementations that detect, display and otherwise highlight hCalendar events in pages.

Firefox extension


Flock extension


Open source libraries of hCalendar parsers and other related code for building hCalendar implementations.

simple hCalendar parser by Arve Bersvendsen
Ruby uformats
is a ruby library that can parse hCalendar, hCard, hReview and rel-tag

Related Pages

This specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.

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