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* <span class="vcard><span class="fn">Lauren Scime</span></span>
* <span class="vcard><span class="fn">Lauren Scime</span></span>
* ...
* ...
== code ==
* UI / frontend: please link
* [http://github.com/hober/ufdevcamp-ubro/tree/master flickr backend and integration point]
* fbconnect & twitter backends: please link
* YQL / backend: please link

== related topics ==
== related topics ==

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<entry-title>hCard contact autocompletion</entry-title>

aka microBrother

One of several projects at microformatsDevCamp.


The idea is "Caller ID '2.0'": given a partial hCard and a friends list (twitter following, facebook friend connect, etc.), auto-fill the hCard with additional info from such services.


  • Rohit Khare
  • Edward O'Connor
  • Kevin Burton
  • Lauren Scime
  • ...


related topics

see also