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<h1>Implied hCard Brainstorming</h1>
<h1>Implied hCard Brainstorming</h1>

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Implied hCard Brainstorming

These are ideas for solutions to implied-hcards. See hcard-implied-examples for use cases.

Initial ideas

The rule could be similar to:

If a an element with class=vcard does not have any hCard class names, imply the entire content as an fn field, and attempt to apply the implied "n" optimization.

Optionally, if the root element has @href, imply a class="url".

For example:

<a class="vcard" href="http://ryancannon.com/">Ryan Cannon</a>


FN:Ryan Cannon

All this is possible because it requires an hCard without hCard markup inside.

This is fairly powerful for a few reasons:

Additionally, the @href could map to different properties based on protocol:

--Ryan Cannon

Links to vCards

Parsers should ignore any links to the .vcf file extension:

<a class="vcard" href="http://example.com/example.vcf">Download my vcard</a>

since users, unaware of hCard, may apply class="vcard" to such links.

Andy Mabbett 13:33, 8 Dec 2006 (PST)

See also

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