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==== Map Sites ====
==== Map Sites ====
[http://www.socialexplorer.com/pub/maps/home.aspx Social Explorer Maps] maps historical census data on a number of cities over time.
[http://www.brown.edu/Research/AAAH/map.htm Animated Atlas of African History, 1889-2002] Uses Flash.
[http://www.brown.edu/Research/AAAH/map.htm Animated Atlas of African History, 1889-2002] Uses Flash.

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History Examples

Per the microformats The microformats process this is an Best Practices for Examples Pages page documenting existing real world examples of historical information published on the Web.

The Problem

History seeks to show and explain change over time. With that in mind, how should we mark up content that has specific historical contexts, meanings, and/or values?


Jeremy Boggs

Real-World Examples

Historical Timelines

Tools for Timelines

Historical Event and Markup Linking (HEML) Project includes an "XML schema for historical events which describes the events' participants, dates, location and keywords; the schema associates these with source materials in print or on the web" and "XSLT stylesheets that combine conforming documents and generate lists, maps and graphical timelines out of them."

SIMILE Timeline Builder from MIT. The SIMILE timeline uses JavaScript and XML to create a timeline. The XML markup :

Timelines by XYLOGUE.

EasyTimeline (also at Infodisiac) "is a Mediawiki graphical plugin for visual timelines."

Timeline WordPress Plugin

HTML-based Timelines

Dred Scott Case Collection - Chronology

Chris Messina's lifestream, marked up with hCalendar

VidaStream (aconbere's lifestream)

Chris Glass through the years

Microsoft's Timeline from 1975-1990

HMS Titanic Timeline Member-created timeline at Footnote.

Historic American Sheet Music - Timeline: 1860-1869

The Food Timeline: Food history reference and research service.

List of Timelines from Wikipedia. Lists timelines available on Wikipedia.

The History Place presents Abraham Lincoln

That Wacky Century!

Harriet Tubman Timeline




Type Timeline (in Russian)

West Midland Bird Club history

History of the Baseball Uniform Timeline from the National Baseball Hall of Fame

The History section of the History-Examples wiki page Seems that the history sections of this wiki are essentially timelines, with historical information, showing change over time.

Image and Flash-based Timelines

I include image and flash-based timelines to get a sense of what content might be included, even though the content isn't marked up in these examples.

Timeline: Colonial America 1600-1775

Women's History Timeline, 1940-1949

When Ice Ages Occur

Timeline of Art History, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Historical Maps



Gutenkarte - Allows you to map geographic locations in texts

Metacarta Map Rectifier - Allows you to place and rectify maps over a base map. Uses Google Maps (I think). Lots of examples of historical maps layered over modern maps for comparison.

Map Sites

Social Explorer Maps maps historical census data on a number of cities over time.

Animated Atlas of African History, 1889-2002 Uses Flash.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

London: A Life in Maps uses GoogleMaps and historical data to explore the history of London.

General History Sites


History Wikibooks. Examples include World History,

U.S. History, and Modern History

BBC - History

Eyewitness to History

The History Channel

World History Matters

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution


American Memory

Making of America

Bloggers and Weblogs

Early Modern Notes

The Little Professor

Airminded: Airpower and British society, 1908-1941


Civil War Memory

Abraham Lincoln Blog

Frog in a Well (east Asian history and culture)

Museums and Exhibits

Smithsonian Institution

National Museum of American History

National Museum of Natural History

The British Museum. Their World of Money is a historical exhibit on the history of money around the globe.

A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the Constitution (non-flash version)

A Century of Chairs From the Design Museum.

Museum of the City of New York

Types of Historical Information

Dates and Time Periods


8th Century

15th Century

19th Century





June 6, 1944 "D-Day"


The Battle of Antietam on the Web

People, Biographies, and Profiles

Most biographical profiles provide dates of birth and death, detail important events with which the person was involved, and outline general historical contexts in which the person lived and participated.

St. Joan of Arc

Frederick Douglass

Queen Elizabeth I

Mahatma Ghandi

Genghis Khan - Wikipedia

Sir Isaac Newton

Time 100: Margaret Thatcher

Biography of George Washington

The following timelines provide a comparative list of the timeframes in which select political leaders around the world were in power:

20th Century - First Quarter

20th Century - Second Quarter

20th Century - Third Quarter

20th Century - Fourth Quarter


Existing Practices

See Also