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This section is informative.

The following sites have implemented hReview-aggregate, and thus are a great place to start for anyone looking for examples "in the wild" to try parsing, indexing, organizing etc. If your site is marked up with hReview aggregate, feel free to add it to the top of this list.

New Examples

No new examples at this point. See below.

Examples with some problems

If you find a problem with any example in any other section, please move it here, and note the precise problem and cite the section of the hreview-aggregate spec that appears to be violated. If the example that was moved here is yours and you want to improve it, raise any queries on irc where people will be happy to help you.

  • Gap Insurance 123 uses hreview aggregate on its Customer Testimonial, homepage and throughout the site. See here for example Gap Insurance testimonials
    • 2018-08-25: has hreview-aggregate root class but no property classes. Text displays "4.9 out of 5 based on 10549".
  • DineHere is a restaurant review site that publishes hreview-aggregates of hCards e.g. Blue Edge Organic Cafe.
    • 2018-08-25: Has root hreview-aggregate with an item property but no other hReview-aggregate properties. (archived)
  • NAPLESPLUS is an example of a website that has implemented hreview-aggregate via Google specs.
    • 2018-08-26: Has root hreview-aggregate with an item property but no other hReview-aggregate properties. (archived)

Reviewed Examples

If you have reviewed a New Example (and you are not the author of the example) and believe it to be valid, go ahead and move it here.

  • BELViNi For aggregating customers wine-reviews I used the hReview-aggregate standard, example: Reviews of the wine Kaitui
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate
  • On this site I used the hReview-aggregate standard, you can see here one example: Rock’n’Heim
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate
  • Easy Gap uses hreview aggregate on a specific review page and homepage. Take a look at our review page here: Easy Gap Insurance reviews
  • Epoxy Detroit is a epoxy flooring and paint website that uses hReview-aggregate on its footer that is site wide.
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Kleinanzeigen kostenlos ist die Plattform für gewerbliche und private Inserate mit Bild. Die Funktion wird in der Bewertung der Inserate durch Besucher verwendet. Siehe Ferienhaus Belgien
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Spielplatztreff is the playground rating website that implements hreview-aggregate and hreview for the userratings on each playground site e.g. Spielplatz in Bonn
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Tickets Tour is a community news site about concerts where users can rate music events (also marked up with hCalender). Example: Westernhagen
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate
  • Golf Made Simple In Scotland uses hReview-aggregate for a page of golf tour testimonials written by clients. Example: Golf tour testimonials.
    • the 'hreview-aggregate' element is unfortunately set to style="display:none" - Tantek 17:35, 10 October 2011 (UTC)
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate; still hidden, though.
  • Trust a Friend Lists reviews of products and services submitted by users and external blogs. Example: J.George Plastering, Newent, Gloucestershire
    • 2018-08-25: confirmed published hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • DogFood.Guru, a Dog Food Reviews site that publishes hreview-aggregate in our reviews post.

Historical Examples

These examples were valid as of when they were added to the page. They are either offline now or no longer publishing hReview-aggregate.

When adding to this list, include archive links from the Internet Archive if possible.

  • Icon Finance has an hReview aggregate (though invisible, and count only 1).
  • Ticket VVK uses hreview-aggregate for concert ratings, and concert dates. Example: Helene Fischer Konzerte 2014
  • Jocuri de gatit is a online games website and uses hreview aggregate on review, see here example Jocuri barbie
    • 2018-08-25: URL is 404 (archived). The hreview-aggregate is correct, though it's nested inside an hrecipe which has no recipe properties.
  • 2012-07-04: Auto Trader UK rolled out hReview aggregate support (e.g. Used BMW 3 Series cars for sale) and "... SERP updated almost instantly".
    • 2018-08-25: No longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Essential Travel Insurance uses hreview-aggregate which shows up nicely in a Google Search.
    • 2018-08-25: No longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Free SMS ohne Anmeldung kostenlos versenden We use hreview-aggregate for our green stars user rating on the bottom of our page. Feel free to check and copy our source code (from line ~96) for an example.
    • 2018-08-25: No longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Mobile DJ Wirral uses hreview aggregate on its Customer Review Pages. See here for example The Music Factory Disco
    • 2018-08-25: Customer reviews page no longer published. (archived)
    • 2018-08-25: Original page hides the hreview-aggregate with CSS display: none
  • roofing seattle wa uses hreview aggregate inside the footer of roofer website. See here for example Roof Repair Seattle
    • No longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • Houston Air Conditioning uses hreview aggregate info on the bottom the the servicing webpages. See here for example AC Repair Katy
    • 2018-08-25: No longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • GutscheinFlagge - Sparen mit Gutscheincodes A German coupon and voucher site. User reviews are marked up with hReview. Example: Amazon Gutscheine
    • 2018-08-25: Pages are 404 or 403. Could not find them in archived versions either.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal service website that uses hReview on its testimonial with a site wide aggregation Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance
    • 2018-08-25: domain redirects to which does not have hReview-aggregate (does have hAtom, though) (archived)
  • PetFoodTalk, a pet food review and coupon site, implements hreview-aggregate for its presentation of dog food user ratings and reviews and coupons e.g. Blue Buffalo coupons and reviews.
  • urbanspoon is a restaurant review site that publishes hreview-aggregates e.g. 3 Friends Coffee House.
    • 2018-08-25: Redirects to which no longer publishes hReview-aggregate. (archived)
  • ALA GAP Insurance use hReview-aggregate on their home page based on hProduct/hReviews used throughout the site
    • 2018-08-25: No longer published hReview-aggregate. Archived version had issues with the properties appearing outside the hreview-aggregate class and thus not parsed with mf2 backcompat.
  • Citysearch supports hReview-aggregate (e.g. Tulio Ristorante in Seattle and Four Barrel in SF) with a nested hCard for the venue.
    • minor flaw: uses a capitalized form of the root class name: hReview-aggregate Tantek 01:37, 22 July 2011 (UTC)
    • 2018-08-25: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived, archived)
  • Giga Music is a community site where customers can rate different music and sport events (which are also marked up with hCalender). Example: David Garrett
    • 2018-08-25: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • CABS Car hire South Africa Lists reviews submitted by customers on the customer testimonial page. Example: car rental reviews
    • 2018-08-25: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • CustomerLink Reviews has implemented hReview-aggregate for reviews of local businesses. Example: Review of Auto Tech & Tire
    • 2018-08-25: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate
  • is a shopping search engine and price comparison site and offers an interesting implementation of hReview-aggregate and hProduct, whereas typical e-commerce sites feature one store offer, this shopping search vertical site allows users to compare prices, therefore you can see an example of the 'price' class being utilized with nested tags that also features the 'pricerange' class - which can be seen on individual pages such as this comparison listing for the Apple iPod Touch 8GB. The product information pages that have hReview-aggregate markup, also incorporate hProduct classes. hProduct has also been used on category menu pages such as this guide on Washing Machines - where multiple instances of hProduct can be seen on a single page. In total, over 10+ million products and pages have been updated with hProduct and hReview-aggregate markup.
    • 2018-08-26: domain not resolving. Archived page had issues with count, rating, and votes properties containing text as well as the numbers. (archived)
  • FriendsEAT is an example of a food website that has implemented hreview-aggregate for it's restaurant and recipe ratings/reviews, e.g. Review of Churrascaria Plataforma
    • 2018-08-26: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate. Couldn't find archive of this restaurant page with the microformat, but found another: (archived)
  • has implemented hReview-aggregate for it's business ratings and reviews.
    • 2018-08-26: Now a spam site. Could not find microformat in archived pages.
  • Reseller Web Hosting, A web hosting uses hreview-aggregate in all pages for better ranking.
    • 2018-08-26: No longer publishes hReview-aggregate. (archived)
  • Google has implemented support for hReview-aggregate via Rich Snippets.
  • STV Local uses hreview-aggregate for business ratings, average prices and contact details with hcard
  • Critiki publishes ratings and reviews of Tiki bars, and uses hReview aggregate for average ratings on their pages, e.g. overview of The Tonga Room. (as tweeted by humuhumu 2009-09-21)
    • 2018-08-26: no longer publishes hReview-aggregate (archived)
  • uses hreview-aggregate for concert ratings, and concert dates. Example: Robbie Williams Tour 2013
    • 2018-08-26: domain redirects to (archived)
  • - Sparen durchs Wechseln User reviews are marked up with hReview.
    • 2018-08-26: could not find hReview-aggregate