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hReview brainstorming

Tantek Çelik

This document is for capturing thoughts on improving/iterating upon hReview.

hReview 0.3 thoughts

This iteration of hReview is directly in response to hreview-feedback and hreview-issues. See those documents for more details.

Changes from hReview 0.2:

  • MUST (instead of SHOULD) use hCard for the item description of a business
  • reviewer changes
    • make reviewer *optional* per feedback from Ryan King and Mark Nottingham
    • If reviewer is absent from the hReview, then look outside the hReview, in the context of the page, for the reviewer. If there is no "reviewer" outside either, then use the <address> for the page.
    • MUST (instead of SHOULD) use hCard to represent reviewer information
  • SHOULD use hCalendar to represent an item of 'type' 'event'
    • Accepted. We considered making this a MUST, and postponed it to the next version, based on publication experience with 0.3
  • add one decimal digit of precision to ratings' numerical values.
  • use the "value" construct from hCard (as it is used in "tel" properties for example) to more explicitly markup the rating value when also providing (marking up) the best/worst of a rating. need to also provide an example that does so.
  • add rel="license" to indicate the license of the hReview as a whole.
  • permit tags inside ratings to denote rated tags, the same as ratings inside tags per suggestion from Eran Globen.
  • add include-pattern support to allow multiple reviews for the same item to not repeat the item info.

Informative improvements:

  • Note that scalar/rated tags would ideally use a tag space that explain the ratings for that tag. E.g. what does Food:18/30 mean?