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hReview creator feedback

This page is for collecting bugs, suggested fixes, and feature requests for the hReview creator

Please list your name, and indicate which version (even just a date and time helps) of the creator that you are providing feedback on. Thanks!

Bug Reports

appendChildNodes(description_element, P({}, ABBR({'title' : rating, 'class' : 'rating'}, unescape(rating_stars)), ' ', escape_output(paras[0]))); 


appendChildNodes(description_element, P({}, ABBR({'title' : rating, 'class' : 'rating'}, unescape(rating_stars(rating))), ' ', escape_output(paras[0]))); 

The hReview creator doesn't work with IE6 (unknown version) on XP, IE7 (unknown version) on Vista or Safari (3.2.1 (5525.27.1)) on OS X. The "Code", "Compact Code" and "Preview" areas of the page are never updated. Not sure why due to the rather opaque javascript error messages in IE and Safari.

Error: pad is not defined
Source File:
Line: 230
Error: format_dt is not defined
Source File:
Line: 92
      var dt = format_dt(review_date_year, review_date_month, review_date_day, review_date_hour, review_date_minute, timezone);

Suggested Tweaks and Fixes

Feature Requests

Related Pages

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