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hReview creator feedback

This page is for collecting bugs, suggested fixes, and feature requests for the hReview creator

Please list your name, and indicate which version (even just a date and time helps) of the creator that you are providing feedback on. Thanks!

Bug Reports

  • word "date*" in "review date*" jumps on the next row and moves "reviewer*" down in Safari (var. 2.0.4 (419.3)). It looks like "review" is label for date, "date*" is label for text field and "reviewer*" is label for empty row. The same bug in the latest WebKit. reported by Dmitry Baranovskiy at 2006-07-20
  • I didn't noticed value of url field in generated code. reported by Dmitry Baranovskiy at 2006-07-20

Suggested Tweaks and Fixes

  • ...

Feature Requests

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