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<h1>hReview parsing</h1>
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by [ Tantek Çelik]
by [ Tantek Çelik]

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[de ce na minti] [digitale sat] [isola dellarte] [tavolo pranzo] [confort trio] [mp3 cruzer] [server fujitsu siemens primergy econel] [telescopio usato] [lezioni ballo on line] [assicurazione san donato milanese] [motorola e1] [inno haka] [spy the gost] [monitor l768] [goldenberg] [brother t-104] [abortire] [gioghi dei pokemon] [testina stampante canon] [la gata brasilera] [jungle bubble] [brigitte bui kocsis] [divisa marina militare] [bmw 320 blu cabrio] [foto italiane] [idrocefalia] [giubbini uomo] [estee lauder creme] [download gioco computer] [attaccapanni titti] [james senese] [suteki da ne] [divinacommedia] [sapphire radeon x850 pro] [omicidio per vocazione] [notre dame des paris] [jesolo case affitto] [mappe concettuali per geometri] [marcia nuziale mendelssohn] [jewel lyrics spirit] [temi svolti pena morte] [dikom secure digital] [foto helene swedin] [midnight invaders] [le posizioni dell amore] [puntoedu] [oooh gem boy] [profumo romeo gigli] [la ragazza delle bolle] [xbox media player] [michael lehmann] [scopare biella] [quick time for windows] [group sex] [il prigioniero. disco 04] [oral-b professional care] [noway in hell] [diario segreto da un carcere femminile] [r g v 22] [testi canzoni matia bazar] [i got five on it] [masa que mas aplauda] [configurazione mms philips 350] [fax brother 8070p] [centro ufficio] [paese by nicola di bari] [definicion de coordenadas cartesianas] [tu e cosi sia midi] [vernice] [internet] [lo siento mp3] [karan goran stay with me] [dinosaurs] [la nave fantasma] [luomo mascherato contro i pirati] [il primo king of iron fist tournament italiano] [nuovo amore brigitte nielsen] [lasciami sognare - il canto dell uomo solitario] [agenzia traduzione bologna] [software 730 2006] [torres] [gprs cellulari telit] [home theater wireless] [memory card sd hp] [testi chella la] [telefax a trasferimento termico] [tv plasma 42 panasonic] [heat street] [annuncio donne] [centri assistenza omnitel] [coniglio, non scappare] [il treno ha fischiato di pirandello] [decoder e satellite] [sfondo cascata] [vmpeg] [monitor lcd samsung 730bf] [digitale decoder dreambox] [i gemelli cramp] [marco miglia] [battista] [lg rh-7800 160 gb dvd- divx] [in mezzo scorre] [io troia chatta con me e daniela] [musulman] [eva ferrari] [estreme] [barra per porta] [sli platinum] [giusto pio giardino segreto mp3] [letture divina commedia] [advanced crc utility 1.1.0] [www lapecoranera it] [dusty springfield son of a preacher man] [opel corsa 1.4 swing] [labar srl] [morpheus] [elicotteri] [if god will send his angels] [pixma ip4000r] [circoncisione] [pelle moda] [nikon coolpix 7900 nital] [televisioni lcd sony] [disco di avvio xp] [cuffia plantronics audio 30] [magic cd dvd burner] [ventole intel amd] [saeco professionale] [patria podesta] [hp workstation] [babyliss 8310] [jeffbuckley] [linsey dawn mckenzie] [attrezzi accessori auto e moto] [sigle di telefilm] [lacie 300750ek] [letras] [biglietto aereo lamezia-roma] [venditore tecnico - brindisi (regione puglia - brindisi provincia)] [major tom] [encarta enciclopedia] [gioco golf minigolf] [konica minolta dimage xg] [frasi auguri 50 anni matrimonio] [uccelli di rovo] [nike auricolari] [fleuve, regione-] [ferrari immagini] [gianni danny] [vado al massimo] [love erotic love] [libero mappa] [max trio cordless] [legend] [belami] [ragazze 18 anni porno] [morte di un commesso viaggiatore] [pirollo] [punto gt] [driver video da 3dfx] [adsl linea adsl] [laura betti] [hp pavillon] [awz 6516] [quando passavano i lenti] [il maresciallo rocca. stagione 3. episodio 1] [hotel economico brescia] [miele lav] [la strana coppia] [ragazzi brasiliani] [dtv 407] [ripiani scaffale] [napolincanto] [un samurai di nome kitano] [thienbong net] [cima, camillo] [il viaggio del koala] [barbie sfilate] [rendimiento en encofrados metalicos] [fiat usata torino] [ramare] [wuhan] [fax internet] [www nordicknives com] [daledon dale] [lecablocco] [pedagogia clinica] [gianni garko] [monitor samsung] [un silenzio particolare stefano rulli] [laura pausini lyrics] [portatili toshiba m60] [t0441 compatibili] [amplificatore 5] [milano manila biglietti aerei] [stampanti brother fronte retro] [il tempo di un addio] [samsung usb 1gb] [linvasione] [macchina fotografica on line]

hReview parsing

by Tantek Çelik


When hReview was first being developed, it was clear to me from experience with developing hCard and hCalendar that each property, value, and structure being introduced into hReview was unambiguously parsable, both for the existence of hReviews in arbitrary (X)HTML (and anywhere that arbitrary (X)HTML can be embedded, e.g. RSS, Atom, "generic XML"), and properties and values in general.

The purpose of this document is to capture the specifics of how to parse hReview and all its properties in order to increase interoperability of the format.



This document is an incomplete draft. Use the hcard-parsing document for guidance where holes exist. In fact, much of this will be clearly recognized by anyone familiar with hcard-parsing as having been copypasted from that source. At some point (perhaps after writing hcalendar-parsing), I will abstract the common aspects of compound-microformat parsing and write a separate parsing document which will handle all general aspects such as URL handling, looking for the root class name, looking for properties, treating embedded microformats as wrappers etc.


Although this page is written specifically to explain how to parse hReview, the concepts and algorithms contained therein serve as an example for how other compound microformats are to be parsed.

URL handling

An hReview parser may begin with a URL to retrieve.

If the URL lacks a fragment identifier, then the parser should parse the entire retrieved resource for hReview.

If the URL has a fragment identifier, then the parser should parse only the node indicated by the fragment identifier and its descendants, looking for hReviews, starting with the indicated node, which may itself be a single hReviews.

root class name

Each compound microformat starts with a root element with a relatively unique class name. By that I mean a class name which isn't simply a common word, and is unlikely to have been used outside the context of the microformat. By choosing such a root class name the microformat avoids (for all practical purposes) colliding with existing class names that may exist within the (X)HTML context. This is essential to enabling such compound microformats to be embedded inside current, existing content, as well as future content.

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