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== Contributors==
== Contributors==
* Tantek Çelik
* Tantek Çelik
* [[DimitriGlazkov|Dimitri Glazkov]]
== Products ==
== Products ==

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iCalendar implementations

In the development of hCalendar and proxies like X2V, we have discovered various behaviors and quirks of RFC 2445 iCalendar implementations.

This page is here for keeping track of them.




platform: OSX

subscription handling

supports the non-standard "webcal:" protocol


platform: Fedora Core 3

subscription handling

supports the non-standard "webcal:" protocol


AKA Mozilla Sunbird

platform: XP, others?

subscription handling

supports the non-standard "webcal:" protocol

Microsoft Outlook

platform: 2003

Importing of VEvents


If any of the three is not present, returns this message:

This error can appear if you have attempted to save a recurring Lunar appointment in iCalendar format.
To avoid this error, set the appointment option to Gregorian instead of Lunar.

After some testing, this seems to be the generic message to indicate a problem with event import.

No such restriction is placed on iCal 1.0 events. So, if VERSION:1.0 is output instead of VERSION:2.0, the only required field is DTSTART.