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=== Andy Hume Blog ===
=== Andy Hume Blog ===
* [ Andy Hume] uses the [[hcard|hCard]] format to mark-up the names and URLs of commentors on his blog.
* [ Andy Hume] added code to his blogging software to automatically mark-up the names and URLs of commentors on his blog with [[hcard|hCard]].  
** by Andy Hume
** by Andy Hume
** Andy - any chance of open sourcing your code to turn Gravatars into hCards?
=== BlogMatrix ===
=== BlogMatrix ===

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Microformats Implementations and Implementors

This page lists the applications, plugins, sample code, services, tools as well as companies, developers and organizations which support microformats, along with the developers responsible for doing so that have chosen to be listed. This is only a partial list. If you know other companies implementing microformats, please add them and list their services and what specific microformats they support.



Most microformat specifications have an "implementations" section, e.g.:

In addition, some microformat specifications have separate implementation pages:

Applications / Plugins / Services / Tools

This is an alphabetical listing of all applications, plugins (grouped with their app/tool), services and tools that implement microformats, along with the list of microformats that are supported, and the company and/or developers responsible for it.

As a user, the implementations listed below will automatically help you use microformats and help your data portability and interoperability with other apps and services.

Please help complete this list! If you know of additional apps/plugins/services/tools that support microformats, please add them!

Note: this section is only for listing specific implementations. The list of implementors is in the Companies / Developers / Organizations section below.

Andy Hume Blog


Community Server




Microformats Extensions


Upcoming module for Drupal



Tails Firefox Extension

Flickr People

Flock Web Browser

Google Search

Google Creative Commons Search

hCalendar creator

hCard creator

hKit Microformats Toolkit for PHP5

hReview creator

Ice Rocket

iChat buddy list to hCards




Laughing Squid Calendar



Microformat Base

Microformat Parser for Ruby

Nature Network Boston

Nature Protocols






Spanning Salesforce


Sivitols is a Java library for microformats. Currently only the xFolk RC1 standard is implemented, but additional microformat support is planned. This library is being written and maintained for a tag sharing project undertaken by Video Vertigo.

Annoucement, Docs


Sunnyvale House Concerts

Technorati Contacts Feed Service

Technorati Events Feed Service

Technorati Microformats Search

Technorati Search

Technorati Tags


Microformats Plugin


WP Microformatted Blogroll

WP Themes


Yahoo Creative Commons Search

Yahoo Local

Yahoo Tech

Yahoo UK Movies

Companies / Developers / Organizations

(Considering moving all of these to an implementors page of its own).

Thanks to all of the hardworking developers and innovative companies and organizations for supporting microformats.

This is an alphabetical listing of all companies, developers (by last name) and organizations who have built and shipped at least one implementation (see above for details of each implementation) that users can use.

Please help complete this list! If you have coded support for microformats and don't see your name, add it! If your company supports microformats in its applications, add it!

Note: please add direct links to specific applications, plugins, services, or tools to the list of Applications / Plugins / Services / Tools and then link to those from their implementor with a fragment identifier link, e.g. to link to the "Cork'd" wine review community:

Similarly, for additional sites, put direct links to them in the Additional Sites section and then link to them from their implementor with a fragment identifier link.

Andy Hume

Assaf Arkin

Kent Brewster

Chris Casciano

Dan Cederholm



Bill Humphries

David Janes

Kingsley Joseph

Kingsley Joseph:

Laughing Squid

Drew McLellan

Chris Messina

Nature Publishing Group

Scott Reynen


Brian Suda



Scott Allan Wallick

Calvin Yu

Additional Sites

Additional static/read-only sites which enhanced their content with microformats.


Flock About Page

Iowa Military Veterans Band

Nature Home Page

Sunnyvale House Concerts

Technorati About Page

Technorati Press Page

Technorati Staff Page

University of Bath

Web Essentials


Some notes on initial thoughts around Guidelines and Strategies for Implementing Microformats

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