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Microformats Implementors And Implementations

This page lists the companies, applications, services, and sample code which support microformats, along with the developers responsible for doing so that have chosen to be listed. This is only a partial list. If you know other companies implementing microformats, please add them and list their services and what specific microformats they support.




Laughing Squid



  • - hCalendar support in events listings and individual events.


  • rfc2629.xslt now attempts to generate hCard information (RFC2629 is an XML format for authoring RFCs and Internet Drafts, see example document)
  • Andy Hume uses the hcard format to mark-up the names and URLs of commentors on his blog.
  • JSCalendar parses hCalendar and produces a displayable HTML table/CSS-based calendar.
  • X2V parses hCard and to produces .vcf (vCard) streams and hCalendar to produce .ics (iCal) streams.

general info

Some notes on initial thoughts around Guidelines and Strategies for Implementing Microformats