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Microformats Implemenations and Examples

Here's a list of sites and tools and the microformats they've implemented.



  • Technorati
  • LiveJournal



  • The hCard creator is a very simple, yet illustrative, open source user interface / form / script which creates an hCard in real-time as you type in a set of contact information.
  • rfc2629.xslt now attempts to generate hCard information (RFC2629 is an XML format for authoring RFCs and Internet Drafts, see example document)
  • iChat buddy list to hCards - Open source AppleScript to automatically convert one's buddy list in the MacOSX iChat AIM client into a valid XHTML 1.0 Strict list of hCards.
  • X2V is a bookmarklet that parses hCard and produces a .vcf (vCard) stream. Note: needs to be updated as the spec is refined
  • Andy Hume uses the hcard format to mark-up the names and URLs of commentors on his blog.
  • Steven Ametjan has published his hCard on his about page.
  • EVDB, the Events and Venues Database, publishes all venue detail pages with embedded hCards.
  • Paul Schreiber's Sunnyvale House Concerts site publishes hCards for upcoming artists, as well as an hCard for the page itself. In addition the Past Shows page contains hCards for all past artists.
  • Rob Mientjes has published his hCard on his about page.
  • Don Crowley has published his hCard as well as a nifty hCard button: hcard.png
  • Technorati's About page lists their Media Contact, and their Press page also lists their Press Contact, both as inline hCards.
  • Tantek's Thoughts includes an inline author hCard at the bottom of the page.
  • [ Ryan King] has an hCard creator.


  • Technorati
  • Google