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<h1> include pattern FAQ </h1>
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This page document frequently asked questions about the [[include-pattern]].  For general questions about microformats see the microformats [[faq]].
This page document frequently asked questions about the [[include-pattern]].  For general questions about microformats see the microformats [[faq]].

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[sfondi sexy] [uomini contro] [warlords battlecry iii] [hp color laserjet 3500] [un bacio a mezzanotte] [flip out] [clint eastwood] [una nuova immagine da rebel strike] [laura betti] [generatori di corrente] [ufficio orbassano] [heterohyrax] [geforce fx5700le 256mb] [mission risck] [viggo mortensen] [siemens celsius h230] [una lunga notte] [sanculamo] [studio rd] [zelig drive 4gb usb 2 0] [th 42pv500] [italiano belo] [microsoft guarda avanti (dieci anni) in giappone] [bulgari brigitta film porno] [lotto programma] [dvd r vendita] [mercedes ml nuovo] [istituto idrografico della marina] [cartuccia 703 canon] [suzuki samurai cabrio] [presidente] [caminetto centrali] [toto live] [giochi gratis on line] [amd 3000] [ghostbusters 2] [cuffia clip] [magro pietro] [congelatori verticale ocean] [centro commerciale madonna dell olmo] [diavolo im me] [sony cyber-shot dsc p41] [nokia edge umts] [cp 39] [t 10] [hard disk scsi seagate] [scarpe all star] [sait seiya] [residence mare] [il diamante fatale] [pinnacle box] [ritornelli inventati] [scan radio] [videocassetta 180] [canon 28 200] [tradurre l indiano] [toilet] [gli alunni del sole midi file] [jobeth williams] [ninfetas] [billy elliot film dvd] [faso cumbiero] [x agosto pascoli] [goci] [www ericclapton it] [viaggi crociera] [video concerto norvegia] [phra nakhon si ayutthaya] [saba] [bombas] [palitana] [doccie] [ho un cazzo enorme] [estufa] [zanna gialla] [sound blaster pci] [cyfra key] [nickelback silver side up] [chat trans milano] [pussies] [capocchi] [calzio] [musica napoletana com] [mandala] [lg rh 7500] [cartuccia oro] [learndirect] [volo milano havana] [lacie braccio] [viaccesskeys] [una fontana] [istituti di designer] [baby doll yves saint laurent] [thermalright slk700] [ulster 1988] [oakley vault] [kelly rowan] [video clip tette naturali e sborrate] [prada moda] [renata vigano] [toca race 2] [lastminutes] [auto noleggio frosinone] [d.p.a.] [follin] [maxi cosi sps] [sexy italia] [trumpet voluntary] [fscaller] [tyra banks] [tatuaggi maori gratis] [vampiri amanti] [supporto lcd muro] [compuprint 80 colonne] [www fmi it] [torrie wison nuda] [countri] [profumi sui dreams] [cucina lube] [madonna ciccone] [la canzone are u doin it with me] [fifa calcio 2004] [lg direct drive lavatrice] [cervaro della sala 2001] [lavastoviglie da incasso indesit] [www croaziainfo it] [george michael flawless] [hotel costa sol] [prova d esame] [foto di costantino vitagliano] [la banana] [film il camorrista] [foto calendario] [photo garil] [peppino di capri champagne] [ali sulla cina] [dieta di brad pitt] [night fever] [aste quadri] [extreme kart] [naufragio] [casse acustiche creative] [terrorismo letteratura italia] [battaglia dei cannoni] [chat meneguzzi] [maas] [risoluzione schede acquisizione e tv] [tabaco] [digitale registratore] [dj kane] [culle orange 07] [pemala] [bonders] [fujifilm finepix 7000] [christian cara] [nokia n gage qd] [kit vetroresina] [navigatore satellitare garmin] [telefilm settimo cielo foto degli attori] [to co dobre downolad] [woofer attivo] [elettrodomestici per fare il pane] [george thorogood and the destroyers.30th anniversary tour. live] [carmen consolle] [calendario delle casalinghe] [dudley boyz wrestling] [estrada] [sweat inner circle] [gatto luciano treviso] [impregilo] [xbox con tastiera] [ricevitore bluethoot gps] [sony mp3 oro] [l3 kyocera] [fujifilm finepix a 350] [cumface] [django spara per primo] [immaggini riccardo scamarcio] [savino] [trinity college] [dentista matto] [testo della canzone the reason] [presa corrente inglese] [la voglia la pazzia la tristezza l alle] [accessori bambini] [immagini xi] [gps accessorio] [destination anywere] [arcari s srl] [gps garmin chartplotter] [pentium 4 3ghz] [gostino] [agenzia immobiliare jesolo] [obiettivi canon xl] [lan wi-fi] [versione] [notebook asus pentium 4] [panasonic videocamera minidv nv-gs75] [ragazza segrate] [dia contra el mac donals]

include pattern FAQ

This page document frequently asked questions about the include-pattern. For general questions about microformats see the microformats faq.


Q: Does include-pattern support for data outside of the current page?

A: No. The include-pattern is specifically scoped to the current page by design, both from a "vast majority of use cases" perspective, and a ease of implementation perspective.

Q: What is the normative behavior for an include with a "data" value that does not exist?

Q: Is there an assumption that you should only include one property at a time? What's the expected behavior if, say, my include has an org property, and the including vcard already has an org property?

include-pattern-faq was last modified: Wednesday, December 31st, 1969