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<entry-title>Introdução aos Microformats</entry-title>

What are Microformats?

Microformats é uma forma simples de adicionar marcas para interpretação humana de tipos de informação como por exemplo eventos, detalhes de contactos or localizações, em páginas web, para que a informação aí contida possa ser extraida por software para ser indexada,pesquisada, gusrdada, referenciada ou combinada.

More technically, they are items of semantic markup, using just standard "plain old semantic (X)HTML" (i.e. "POSH") with a set of common class-names and "rel" values. They are open and available, freely, for anyone to use.

Why Microformats

Why did we come up with microformats?

In short, microformats are the convergence of a number of trends:

  1. a logical next step in the evolution of web design and information architecture
  2. a way for people and organisations to publish richer information themselves, without having to rely upon centralized services
  3. an acknowledgement that (outside of specialist areas) "traditional" metadata efforts have either failed or taken so long to garner any adoption, that a new approach was necessary
  4. a way to use (X)HTML for data.

The Appeal to Simplicity

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