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Issues which apply to more than one microforamt.

Bloated Format

  • bloated format:
    • some of the markup is really bloated
    • instead of a number, we end sometimes with a whole new paragraph of markup
    • however, in order to be complete, the markup might need to be so
    • nevertheless, having a page with 1000 data points will be a horror scenario
    • I propose to open a new brainstorming session/page on how to efficiently implement the microformats in web pages, e.g.:
      • define the classes in the page header
      • define abbreviations to those classes
      • use actually only the abbrevioations inside the web page, instead of the whole paragraph of markup
    • another interseting implementation idea would be:
      • define the microformat classes inside a separate file (similarly to the css)
      • this file needs NOT to be downloaded automatically
        • you do NOT need it for displaying the data
        • it is only needed when wanting to import the data somewhere
        • most viewers, however, only view the data
      • let the browser automatically download this file, only IF:
        • there is enough bandwidth
        • the user wants to copy that data
        • the user wants to explicitly save the whole page
      • when the user wants to copy an item
        • the web browser should acces that microformats additional page and
        • download only the relevant class (NO need to actually download the whole page)
        • EXTEND html protocol to be able to download web-file/class-defined-inside-file without beeing necessary to download the whole file
    • discussion opened by Leonard Mada