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Thing Examples

This page is for documenting real world examples of how "things" are actually marked up and represented on the web.

In Existing Microformats

hReview and hListing are applicable to things (as well as people marked up as hCards).

EdgeIO (hListing)

Deal Tagger (hListing)

Cork'd (hReview)

Yahoo Local (hReview)

Yahoo UK Movie Reviews

Not sure if this is within scope (i.e. is a movie a thing?)

In Google Base

Attributes in Google Base are open ended. For each of the following Item Types, we're identifying the attributes that Google Base displays when one attempts to edit an entry; there's also a broader list of applicable attributes, and then there's the open to add anything to a listing.


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):


Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Want Ads

This Item Type may not be totally applicable, but it is about "things" for sale. Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Primary Attribute Types (see for all):

Google expects users of its Want Ads system to define all the appropriate attributes themselves. Further research needed here to see this actually in use.

Other Sites

Craigslist (for sale)

MLS (housing)

AutoTrader (vehicles)

Need ...

Books, ...?

See Also