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This section documents existing formats related to describing items/things.

Existing Microformats




Google Base

Item Types

Here are the predefined Google Base item types. Note:

  • this may be broader than what we wish to cover in a potential item microformat, especially since many of these are covered by existing microformats.
  • the "real" list is open ended -- you can define your own types

Item Types:

  • Information type
  • Course schedules
  • Events
  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • News and articles
  • People profiles
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Research studies and publications
  • Reviews
  • Services
  • Travel
  • Vehicles
  • Wanted ads

Attribute Types

Google Base Items are defined by compositing Attribute Types together. A complete list of Google Base Attribute types is available here. These are, for example: actor, age, agent, apparel_type, .... Many of these items (actor, agent, for example) are actuall in microformats terms complete microformats in and off themselves.

Data Types

All Google Base attributes are defined in terms of a few simple, elementry types: string, int, float, intUnit, floatUnit, date, dateTime, dateTimeRange, url, boolean, location

Dublin Core

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