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* [[json]]
* [[json]]
* [[microformats2]]
* [[microformats2]]
* [[microformats-parsing]]
* [[microformats2-parsing]]

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jf2 is a working name for a simplified more minimal JSON representation of microformats2.

Basic Example

  "type": "entry",
  "author": {
     "type": "card",
     "name": "Tantek Çelik",
     "url": "http:\/\/tantek.com\/",
     "photo": "http:\/\/tantek.com\/photo.jpg",
  "published": "2015-10-21T12:34-0700",
  "content": "Example of a simple note"

Prior Work

Prior Simplifications

Output from:

  • webmention.io
  • webmention.herokuapp.com

(need specific examples from those two)

See Also