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| industry || || tag on company?
| industry || || tag on company?
| language of job-listing || <s>class</s> @lang on containing folder (or use page's language) || ||
| language of job-listing || <s>class</s> @lang on containing element (or use page's language) || ||
| job-language || class || mainlanguage spoken with colleagues ||
| job-language || class || mainlanguage spoken with colleagues ||

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Job Listing Brainstorming

Ideas for a possible job-listing microformat.

Fields from examples

(see the Job Listing Examples)

property xhtml-element description major/minor (+/-) priority
title h# title of the job, e.g. 'Project-Manager for Customer-Service-Project' +
description class job-description +
company hCard 1.0 +
company size class +
company logo class -
multimedia class -
location adr +
start & end date dtstart & dtend :or should we use dstart for the date the ad is posted,
and dtend for the closing date for aplications?
contract) class +
part time|temporary|
temp to hire|seasonal|internship)
class +
hours/week class +
salary base class (see currency) +
salary max class (see currency) +
wage/hour class (see currency) +
education class
certification class
years class
required class
skill class management can fall under skill
years class
required class
benefit class
holiday allowance expressed in days or weeks?
contact hCard 1.0
time posted date-time (is this dtstart? See above)
relocation covered class
job function class (if absent, fall back to title?)
travel required class
industry tag on company?
language of job-listing class @lang on containing element (or use page's language)
job-language class mainlanguage spoken with colleagues
applicationmaterial class e.g. cv, worksamples, licenses, greencard
organisationalid class number or phrase - large enterprises have an unique id for a specific job offer
applicationurl class Some companies require applicants to fill out application forms online

Andy Mabbett

"job-listing" is clunky, would "vacancy" be a better name?

  • I second the change of name to "Vacancy". - ntoll
    • I disagree, "vacancy" has no context. It could refer to anything - eg "hotel vacancy". - Quint

Christian Pfetzing

What about "job-offer"? Reason: People with low english-skills often know "offer" but not "vacancy". On the other hand: Why not easily "job"? With an attribute you can specify if it is a "job-offer" or a "job-application". So human beeings/job-platforms can easily compare "offers" and "applications". Manually (humans) or automatic (machines) -- Christian 05:48, 28 Apr 2007 (PDT)

Darren Bounds

Keep in mind the internationally recognized term in the ATS industry is "requisition". This is also defined in the HRXML specification.

While I believe other non-standard options should be considered, it does not appear as though the hResume specification gave any consideration to HRXML, which does have a large adoption for backend transations regarding HR data (including resumes and requisitions).

See also

  • Joined Up Jobs (job syndication initiative in UK local government)
  • currency - proposed microformat for marking-up amounts of money (for salary, wage, payment, earnings)