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;Job Description
;Job Description
:Need to turn our website addresses into Hcard compliant addresses  
:Need to turn our website addresses into Hcard compliant addresses  
The administrative assistant as the name suggests, has to perform most of the administrative activities of the organization. The services of a typical administrative assistant include the implementation of various [http://job-des-criptions.com/administrative-assistant-job-description.htm Administrative Assistant Job Description] and procedures, devising administrative policies, introducing changes and updating administrative procedures. He is also required to handle the administrative staff and ensure that all the operations run smoothly.
;Skills Required
;Skills Required
:Hcard Training / Experience
:Hcard Training / Experience

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Feel free to post job listings here that are specifically looking for people with microformats skills or to author or implement microformats.

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past listings

listings 2010


Job Description
Need to turn our website addresses into Hcard compliant addresses
Skills Required
Hcard Training / Experience
October 27, 2010
Planned Start

listings 2007

Microsoft is looking for a program manager to help integrate microformats (among other things) into internet-explorer: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=D210C5AE-47C8-48F2-AADA-D3D35549C1CA