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== tools ==
== tools ==
* http://jsonlint.com/ - use JSON Lint to check any JSON examples for/in the wiki.
* https://codebeautify.org/jsonvalidator - use JSON Lint to check any JSON examples for/in the wiki.
* https://jsonformatter-online.com/ - JSON formatter - Tool to edit, format, and validate JSON.
* https://jsonformatter.org/ - JSON formatter for formatting and validating data.
== previous work ==
== previous work ==

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JSON is JavaScript Object Notation (RFC 4627), a popular data format for APIs.

current microformats support

microformats2 has a canonical JSON representation that is produced by numerous microformats2 parsers across various languages.


  • jf2 - a simplified more minimal mf2 JSON representation


previous work

see also

  • www.json.org: the original specification, documentation, and list of implementations for many different programming languages.
  • RFC 4627, current formal JSON specification.
  • JSON on Wikipedia