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"Last-modified" Brainstorming


To specify the date when the logical content of a page was last modfied in a visible form which is also machine-readable.


Possible class names

General class name considerations

Different class name for page specific and item specific dates?

For example “page-last-modified” is used to indicate the last modification date of a page and “last-modfied” for the last modfication date of a specific item*.

* This specific item is marked-up with a microformat, e.g: a microformat to describe blog posts may use “last-modified” to indicate when a blog post was last modified.

Possible date formats

Every date format which can be used with datetime-design-pattern can be used with “last-modified”

Theoretical example

This page was last modified 13:26 UTC, 15 Aug 2005.

could be written as

This page was last modified 
<abbr class="some-class-name" title="2005-08-15T13:26Z">13:26 UTC, 15 Aug 2005</abbr>.


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