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Many web pages, espacially Wiki pages, display the date of the last modification. This date could be made machine-readable using datetime-design-pattern.

Existing practise

Content management and content publishing software

Wiki software


Blog software


Forum software


Individual web sites and web services


Suggested template:

==== [http://url.tld Sitename] ====

 * How is the date displayed in <body>:
     Citing the date from a random page of this site.

 * Is the date of the page creation also displayed in <body>?

 * Where:
     Top or bottom of the page
     Element name (and its class and id)
     Parent element name (and its class and id)

 * Date in <meta>:
     Is the date represented in <meta>?
     How? e.g: “<meta name="date" ...”,“<meta name="DC.Date" ...”

 * Date in HTTP Header:
     Is a Last-Modified Header sent by the server?
     If yes, is it equal to the date displayed in the browser window?

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