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* [ Geograph Britsh Isles]
* [ Geograph Britsh Isles]
** cc-by-sa 2.0 attribution and licence under photo
** cc-by-sa 2.0 attribution and licence under photo
* [ World Politics Watch]
** Photo in article body, attribution and license notice at end of article
=== Videos ===
=== Videos ===

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Licensing Examples


Actual examples of licensing and attribution for web pages, embedded works and derivatives thereof in practice on the web with URLs to the originals.

Table of Contents


Real World Examples

All of these examples include licensing, so they are categorized based on what is licensed and required and complementary information provided (e.g., attribution and related commerce).

Web pages


Photos (reuse)



Audio (reuse)

Attribution to creator

Attribution to journal or other publisher

Attribution to collective

Attribution with work title

Attribution with link required

Attribution waived

Attribution to derivative's source work

Attribution with description of derivative use

Commercial licensing

Purchase related media

Donation related to work

Rights provenance/warranty/idemnification

License notice with content hash

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