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== see also ==
== see also ==
* [[link-preview-examples]]
* [[link-preview-formats]]
* [[h-entry]]
* [[h-entry]]
* http://indiewebcamp.com/link-preview

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This is part of an effort to define a standard link-preview microformat.

previous related work


General approach:

  • publishing: just use h-entry on the <body> element with a few additions like u-photo, u-audio, u-video
  • parsing: using a microformats2 parser, look for the first h-entry on the page and use its:
    • p-name (called "title" in some other approaches)
    • p-summary (called "description" in some other approaches)
    • u-url
    • u-photo (called "image" in some other approaches)
    • u-audio
    • u-video

Examples in the wild: (of pages with h-entry on body)

see also