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Andy Mabbett was moderated (rather than banned for a week) on 2007-01-04 on the microformats mailing lists at the time for both his frequent/excessive off-topic posts, and his ignoring of several warnings from admins to please stop doing so (see microformats-discuss archives for details). Ernie P. (a longstanding overwhelmingly positive contributor to the community) has proposed unmoderating Andy at this point, 2007-03-19. Please add your opinion at the end:

  • +1 Ernie P.
  • +1 David Janes
  • +1 Nic James Ferrier
  • +1 Tantek
  • +1 Scott Reynen
  • +1 Steve Ganz
  • +1 Joe Andrieu
  • +1 M. Jackson Wilkinson
  • +1 BenWest
  • +1 Chris Foote (Spike)
  • -0.5 Edward O'Connor (hober)
  • ... add your opinion (+1 unmoderate, 0 no opinion, -1 keep moderated) and your name


Moved to a section on the governance issues page.