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[[to-do]]: To be filled in. ;)
[[to-do]]: To be filled in. ;)
* Installation of [ EnableAbbrTags] and [ ExtendAnchorTags] for POSH/Microformats support in MediaWiki
* Installation of Captcha to prevent spam bot account creation. [ Instructions available here].
==Related pages==
==Related pages==

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MediaWiki customization

by Tantek

The MediaWiki installation at has been customized in a number of ways.

This page documents some of these customizations for informative purposes. This documentation is neither thorough nor comprehensive.


Goals and motivations

I'm responsible for pushing for nearly all of the specific MediaWiki customizations on the microformats wiki and thus I figured I should capture at least some of the reasoning in the hopes that perhaps others may find it useful. Tantek

How to

Documentation on how to modify a MediaWiki install to get these customizations.

to-do: To be filled in. ;)

Related pages

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