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A regular source of microformats events.

Weekly Meetup

The community and adoption have grown considerably over the last year, and news of adoptions (and once in a while challenges) come up frequently enough (at least once a week) that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis. See purpose for more.

Organize a weekly meetup!

By making this a regular (every Tuesday) event, people know it is happening regularly and can thus come whichever ones are convenient for them, and not worry about missing any one in particular.

Cities where weekly meetup events are held, sorted alphabetically:


In London, Tuesdays at 7:30pm worked well.

Interested in general for London:

Possible locations:

Past London venues:

San Francisco

From having informally asked a few folks in the SF area and on IRC it seems Tuesdays at 19:00 (7pm, .79, .08Z, @125) work best, with a rotating venue to keep it interesting.

Additional suggested SF venues (suggester). Add your opinions and more suggestions:

past SF venues

Past SF venues. We'll reuse these at some point I'm sure.

This section needs updating with dinners that have occurred since 2008-10-28.

Please update the following list by looking at events-2008 and more recent events, and add links (even just one more would help!) to dinners starting from the "since" date above, and update that date accordingly so that other contributors know where to continue updating from. Thanks!

Other Cities

Want a microformats meetup in your city? Organize one! Add your city and name to this list. Contact others from your city and organize a meetup. Once you do one, add another section for your city above this "Other Cities" section, and list suggested venues, past venues with links to meetup event pages etc.

There has been some interest expressed in organizing dinners in the following cities. Add yourself and/or contact the people listed and make it happen!

Organize a weekly meetup

Anyone can organize a microformats weekly meetup or dinner!

At a minimum, all you need is:

  1. At least one other person that commits to go (so at least you know you'll have a good conversation about microformats with at least one person).
  2. A location

And organizing a weekly meetup requires you to at a minimum:

  1. Pick a location
  2. Announce it (location at 18:30, Tuesday) on various event sites and notification services like Twitter etc.

That's it. If you prefer a step-by-step list of instructions and details, to remove nearly all doubt, here you go:

  1. Pick a location
    • Ask folks on IRC if they have any suggested locations.
    • Consider locations that are easy for a variety of people to transit to.
    • Consider a new location to keep it interesting.
  2. Create the Events Pages
    1. Create specific event page on microformats.org wiki, follow the form YYYY-MM-DD-weekly-dinner-CITYCODE — e.g. 2009-01-06-weekly-dinner-sf in San Francisco, or 2009-01-06-weekly-dinner-ldn in London.
      • Copy the Weekly Dinner template code (below), and make the following edits:
        • Update dates and locations in the infobox at the top.
        • Update the tags list, adding the event specific tag for this event.
        • Update the URLs for Upcoming, Technorati, Google Blog Search and Flickr. These search on the event tag itself, so need to date portion updated.
        • Add yourself as an attendee
        • (For SF weekly meetup dinners, Matthew Levine has created a script to automatically generate wiki page source by parsing the hCalendar from the related upcoming event. To use this script, create an upcoming event first, then visit http://www.phusikos.com/event.php?upcoming_id=$upcoming_id, e.g. sample conversion link.)
    2. Create an upcoming event, summarizing the event and linking to the new wiki page you just created.
      • Just after creating the event, Upcoming gives you the option to "upload an official photo or image", click that link and upload http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3216/2836380076_9251390ded.jpg, making it the official photo for the event. Thanks to Cindy Li for the cool microformats meetup graphic!.
      • Add the event to the Microformats, Web2.0, Bay Area Web Geeks, Web Developers, Geek Dinners and Social Network Portability groups.
      • Update the wiki events page with Upcoming.org event tag (upcoming:event=00000000) you just created. You can copy and paste the previous meetup/dinner summary and change the relevant detail.
  3. Announce it
    • Tweet the upcoming event
    • On the day of the event, post a reminder in the morning (to Twitter etc.), and again an hour before the event.
  4. At the event, take a photo and post it to BrightKite, Flickr etc.
  5. Afterwards
    • Post a thank you note thanking those that attended, invite them to add their content to the wiki.
    • Update the wiki event page with details of discussions, photographs, blog links and so forth.

Event Template

<entry-title>Microformats Weekly Dinner, San Francisco</entry-title>
One of several microformats [[weekly-meetup]] [[events]].
<div class="event-page vevent">
== Details ==
:<span class="dtstart">2009-MM-DDT18:30-0800</span> to <span class="dtend">2009-MM-DDT20:30-0800</span>
:<span class="location">TBA</span>
:<span class="summary">Microformats Weekly Meetup Dinner, San Francisco</span>
:<span class="url">http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/00000000/</span>
'''[http://feeds.technorati.com/events/referer Add this event to your calendar]''' http://www.boogdesign.com/images/buttons/microformat_hcalendar.png
== Weekly Meetup ==
<div class="description">The microformats community has grown and stablized over the past few years, news of adoptions, new ideas and challenges come up frequently enough that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.
Come along, meet up with the microformats community in San Francisco 
In another city? Check out [[weekly-meetup#Other_Cities|Weekly Meetup: Other Cities]] and help organize one in your own city!</div>
== Tags ==
Use the following tags on related content (blog posts, photos, [http://twitter.com tweets]):
Event author: 
* replace "EVENTSPECIFICTAG" in the below text with a tag unique to the event, i.e. short name of event + (optional location) + (full-year or sequence number), e.g. BarCampBlock2007, FooCampLondon2007, SHDH22, SXSW2008, microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD - update MM and DD to the Gregorian month and day of the month accordingly).
* replace "san-francisco" with the city where the event is taking place
* update the Upcoming.org event machine tag, too.
<kbd class="tags" style="display:block">
<span class="category">'''microformats-dinner'''</span> 
<span class="category">microformats-meetup</span> 
<span class="category">microformats</span> 
<span class="category">san-francisco</span> 
<span class="category">''microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD''</span> <!-- This is your event-date-specific tag, update MM and DD to the Gregorian month and day of the month accordingly --> 
<span class="category">''upcoming:event=00000000''</span> <!-- Add/update this tag when you create the respective upcoming.org event -->
If you use Twitter, mention ''@microformats dinner''' in tweets about the event, and track them on [http://search.twitter.com/search?q=microformats+dinner Twitter Search].
== Attendees ==
Add yourself alphabetically sorted by family name if you plan on attending or attended this event.
* [[User:YourName|You]]
* …
== Notes ==
Topics Discussed:
* …
== Photographs ==
<!-- Event Author: Update the following URL to use this event's tag -->
* Search for photographs from this event on Flickr: [http://flickr.com/photos/tags/microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD Photographs tagged microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD] or for [http://flickr.com/photos/tags/microformats-dinner all photographs from microformats dinners].
''Add a photograph from this event here''.
== Articles and Blog Posts ==
Articles and blog posts following up on the meetup. Add a link to your post in the list below:
* …
<!-- Event Author: Update the following URL to use this event's tag -->
Also, find posts on this meetup on [http://blogsearch.google.co.uk/blogsearch?q=microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD Google Blog Search] or [http://technorati.com/search/microformats-dinner-2009-MM-DD Technorati].
</div> <!-- End of @vevent -->
== Related Pages==


In addition to providing a convenient forum for community members to get together once in a while and talk about the latest news about microformats, the weekly meetups serve many good ends.

Perhaps most importantly, weekly meetups really help communication and community. People that have met in person usually treat each other nicer online, thus very much help encourage everyone to be nice in IRC, mailing lists etc.


Perhaps move to weekly-meetup-faq if this section gets too big.

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