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microformats weekly meetup events

A regular source of microformats Microformats events.

Weekly Meetup

The community and adoption have grown considerably over the last year, and news of adoptions (and once in a while challenges) come up frequently enough (at least once a week) that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.

By making this a regular (every week) event, people know it is happening regularly and can thus come whichever ones are convenient for them, and not worry about missing any one in particular.

From having informally asked a few folks in the SF area and on IRC it seems Tuesdays at 6:30pm work best, with a rotating venue to keep it interesting.

Cities where weekly meetup events are held, sorted alphabetically:


Interested folks for 2008-09-09:

In general for London:

Possible locations:

  • ...

Past London venues:

San Francisco

Additional suggested SF venues (suggester). Add your opinions and more suggestions:

  • Osha Thai on 2nd st.
  • Thirsty Bear
  • Metreon Food Court
    • +0 not the greatest, but it has lots of choices - Tantek
  • Mel's Diner
    • +0 hard to order healthy here, but the food mostly tastes good, and can probably get seating for a decent crowd at 6:30pm - Tantek
  • Naan & Chutney on Haight st. (Eran Globen)
  • ...

Past SF venues. We'll reuse these at some point I'm sure.

Other Cities

I encourage folks to organize meetup dinners wherever there is sufficient local critical mass. Once you start one, add another section for your city above this "Other Cities" section, and list suggested venues, past venues with links to meetup event pages etc.

There has been some interest expressed in organizing dinners in the following cities. Add yourself and/or contact the people listed and make it happen!

Organize a weekly meetup

It's pretty easy to organize a weekly meetup, at a minimum, all you have to do is sometime beforehand (preferably at least a day in advance, like on Monday, for the Tuesday meetup).

In short:

  1. Pick a location
  2. Announce it (location at 18:30, Tuesday) on various event sites and notification services.


  1. Pick a location
    • Ask folks on IRC if they have any suggested locations.
    • Consider locations that are easy for a variety of people to transit to.
    • Consider a new location to keep it interesting.
  2. Create event pages
    • Create specific event page on wiki.
      • Edit the Microformats events page and copy/paste the previous week's weekly meetup event, updating the date and location and commenting out the URLs.
      • Click on the previous weekly meetup event link, edit, select all, copy all the source, go back back.
      • Click on the (currently red) new weekly meetup event link, paste, and make the following edits:
        • update all the URLs
        • update all the dates
        • comment out the ;Web section in details section
        • clear out past attendees, photos, notes
        • update the location specific tags, remove the previous upcoming event tag
    • Copy that specific event page URL and
    • Create a public Pownce event with that wiki URL
      • what's happening? microformats weekly meetup dinner!
      • where? that location you chose
      • 6:30 PM on ....
    • Create an upcoming event with wiki + Pownce URLs
    • RSVP to the public Pownce event with "attending" and add the upcoming URL.
    • Update the microformats wiki event page with Pownce and upcoming URLs, and upcoming: event specific tag
    • Update the microformats wiki Microformats events page with the Pownce URL
  3. Announce it
    • Tweet the Pownce event
    • Add the upcoming event to various groups, add tags to it.
    • On the day of the event, post a reminder in the morning (to Twitter etc.), and again an hour before the event.
    • Afterwards post a thank you note thanking those that attended.